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About Us

UNO provides high quality housing services with accompanying neighbourhood information, and helps foreign students take the stress off of all the logistics of going to a totally new environment.

Our homestay programs and apartment placement services, together with extensive property information from the safety of neighbourhood to recreation closeby, save great time and energy for them when choosing a place to live. We also provide several related local adaptation services, such as arranging airport pick-up, opening bank & moblie phone accounts ect.

UNO is dedicated to offering easy and convenient apartment or homestay programs to foreign students, with a non-negotiable safety requirement and comfort standard. Serving over 2,600 students every year, UNO strives to encourage student's desires to travel and explore the world by taking care of the technical details so that they can enjoy their stay, worry-free.

  • The Highest Standards Of Supplier Management

    As always, all apartments and homestay families are strictly selected, complying with the <ISO 9001 Quality Managment Systems > Standards. Only the best property management companies are eligible to become our partners to serve international students with the highest quality. They are required to have extensive property experience, a wonderful reputation, a long history, and extremely high standards for their management practices. Likewise, for homestay programs, only families with superb housing conditions and previous experience in social work or education are considered.

  • A Global Mindset

    UNO has a global team, composed of UNO America, UNO Canada, and UNO China. With six locations in three different countries, UNO works together efficiently through our unique internal process system. Together with our current branches (in Los Angeles, Vancouver, Toronto, Richmond, Chengdu, and Beijing), our other regional offices, and a network of over 100 local coordinators across North America, we are able to serve our clients around the clock through different time zones, and often multilingually. We offer our clients very professional services and extremely strong support with a highly centralized call center, management system, and administration team.

  • An Efficient Process

    Since only qualified and evaluated properties can enlist in our programs, we have an extremely high quality selecting pool to choose the best homes for our students. UNO processes cases with high efficiency, ensuring reliable and stable quality of their future homes through extensive data collection and analysis and strict selection of properties.

    Since the entire process complies with the <ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems> Stantards, only the best property management companies and homestay families can house our students.

    We are also able to provide complete property reports to students and their families, consisting of transportation, walkability, restaurant, safety, demographic, and nearby banks and mobile companies. There's absolutely no reason to worry with UNO on your side, as we are constantly working to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability.

One Step housing solution provider

UNO is dedicated to offering easy and convenient apartment or homestay programs to foreign students, with a non-negotiable safety requirement and comfort standard.

Apartment & Homestay Programs

We find students a place to stay that is in a safe neighborhood and meets all their living needs.

Local Adaptation Services

We offer professional local transportation from the airport to studen's new homes.

A Luxurious Virtiual Experience

We provide property reports to students and their families that are interesting and dynamic.

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Apartment and Homestay Programs

Programs' options

We know that finding a place to stay is one of the biggest worries and deterrents for choosing to study abroad. That's why we find students a place to stay that is in a safe neighborhood and meets all their living needs. All they need to do is fill out an application indicating their price ranges, preferences, and needs for their living space, and we take care of the rest. Students can choose from a variety of options, from a studio apartment, a multi bedroom apartment, or even a homestay program.

We furnish

Since apartments are not usually pre-furnished and students often feel overwhelmed and under-prepared to buy furniture in a foreign country, UNO also provides multiple furniture solutions, including rental, purchase, delivery, and installation.

the homestay program

UNO's unique homestay program is another great option for students who do not wish to live in an apartment by themselves. Local families take care of students, providing a bedroom, meals, and a more intimate family connection with students. Students also have the opportunity to improve their English and discover several aspects of the foreign culture from the homestay family.

Local Adaptation Services

Local Assistance

From the moment students step off the plane, our local services assist foreign students so that they do not feel overwhelmed by their new environment. Students don't have to worry about anything and are able to relax after a long flight from home. We set up their bank accounts, mobile phone accounts, internet and cable accounts, and health insurance.

Local Transportation

We also offer professional local transportation from the airport to studen's new homes that strictly follow our Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) and covers all the major airports in North America. Professional coordinators, that are often multilingual, wait for students inside the terminal with their names on banners, ensuring that UNO is there for them, every step of the way.

Confirmation package

Even before the students ever take off from their home countries, we provide a confirmation package for the students before their trip, including the air tickets confirmation, contact information for around-the-clock customer service, and any other information they may need during their flight, such as an airport transfer guide or what to do in the event of an emergency. Our goal is to make the adjustment from home to a foreign country as easy as possible.

A Luxurious Virtual Experience

Exploring the neighborhood

In an increasingly virtual world, it's important now to provide virtual property reports that can be accessed anywhere with a computer and an internet connection, and that aren't completely boring. We try to make the information process as painless as possible by using multimedia technology, viewing neighborhoods from a satellite, for a more immersive experience while exploring student's specific area before they ever travel there.

Property reports

The property reports that we provide to students and their families are interesting and dynamic, and becoming informed about the surrounding area becomes an adventure instead of a chore.

Data Analysis and Housing Reports

We want to make sure that every student feels safe and comfortable in their environment, and that they are well informed about the area where they will live. UNO's data collecting team gathers and aggregates demographic data for every student from official government sources like the Census Bureau, the FBI the IRS, BLS, HHS and HMDA, and also a few third party data providers for home sale stastistics and school performance scores, ensuring its accuracy and relevance.

Our internal property database integrates the key indicators such as crime rate, annual income, population, age, education, housing prices, food access, hospital coverage, and more, in the surrounding areas and provide in-depth reports to students. The personalized property reports include socio-economic details, mortgages and homme sales, health and employment statistics, and is availale for citites and neighbohoods all across the U.S. and Canada, so that our students and their families are well informed and familiar with the area, relieving worried parents and nervous students of their anxieties.

Loyal Partnerships

We are pleased to partner with schools, education agencies, and travel agencies in order to streamline the process of studying abroad for students. Our process for cooperating with schools is very professional, and we exchange views before the formal operation so that it meets our Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) standards that we use globally to ensure the quality of our services. Once we've reached an agreement, we move forward with the implementation of our business contract, and continually improve and manage the quality of our services and our partnerships.

A Unique Advantage

We have a unique global mindset that gives us an advantage over other competitors. UNO is a member of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), and all of our processes comply with the ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems standard in order to enhance product quality and customer satisfaction. We work hard around the clock, providing our efficient services 24 hours a day across different time zones, with considerate emplyees around the world, ensuring unmatched efficiency and excellent customer service.

We also offer a wide selection of reliable and high quality housing services for students to choose from, saving an enormous amount of time and energy, for both schools and students, by deciding to cooperate with us. Our global call center can answer student's question's about off campus housing 24 hours a day. We aim not only to make student's lives better, but to make school's jobs easier.

We understand that, while a worthwhile experience, studying abroad can be unnecessarily stressful. Partnering with UNO would ensure that your students feel prepared and comfortable in a new environment as they explore the world with you in order to contribute to the growth of the international education industry.

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