Being different is one of the most beautiful things on earth.

UNO Media makes your graduation beautifully different.

Graduation Videography Service

University g is probably the last and most important graduation in you life. May we extend our congratulations on your forthcoming graduation. Congratulation on accomplishing this big milestone in Life.

Flexible script

We are happy to share our past work and provide professional advice on how graduation video will be shot. However, you play the lead of your own graduation, you have every right to decide how your video should look like.


It takes a professional’s eye and experience to plan shots and yet still capture spontaneous celebration, and then to select interesting angles and work with the light. Filming your graduation is like shooting a movie, but in real time with just one take. So you need a professional who can work on-the-fly to set up and deliver crucial once-in-a-lifetime shots.

Cinematic touch

Timeless graduation videos go beyond providing a basic chronicle of your convocation. They tell a story by weaving together all those special moments – some of which you may have even missed. UNO's videographer uses sight and sound to set the scene and tell your story in a stunningly cinematic and uniquely personal way.

UNO Designated Videographer

UNO Media works with top professional videographers in most big cities of the world. Through careful audition, only those with distinctive portfolio and extensive industrial experience will be given the UNO videographer designation.

Each piece of your footages will be carefully crafted and creatively composite into a remarkable piece. A piece that you and your love ones will enjoy for many years to come.